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Dec 26, 2017

This week Felicia is joined by Sivia Harding, a knitwear designer who has been working with fiber and art ever since she can remember. As a youth she became obsessed with the fiber arts and dabbled in weaving, spinning, and dyeing as well as other activities. She finally came to knitting in the year 2000 and almost immediately began to design. Sivia is best known for exceptional lace and bead designs. Her patterns also include accessories, garments, and Möbius creations. Sivia has been widely published in books and collections including Jared Flood’s Wool People series, Twist Collective, and Knitty. She also self-publishes as Sivia Harding Knit Design. Since 2009 Sivia has also been travelling  and teaching at larger venues and shows.

Please join us as Felicia and Sivia chat about how to add a little extra splendour to your knits with beads!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 1:43 Felicia and Sivia reminisce about when Siva used to live in Vancouver, BC and Sivia’s first big venue teaching gig at Sock Summit
  • 6:33 Sivia chats about her love of fiber arts from an early age and how she got into knitting and design
  • 13:20 Felicia asks Sivia how she got into what she is best-known for: beading in knitting
  • 17:50 Felicia asks for tips for knitters who want to add beads to their projects but feel a little apprehensive
  • 22:15 Sivia gives us a glimpse into the history of the bead industry and how some bead companies specifically advertise to fibre artists who work with beads
  • 24:20 What kind of designs Sivia is focusing on presently
  • 26:30 Felicia asks about the current trend of knitters moving away from lace weight yarn into thicker yarns
  • 29:50 What classes and retreats Sivia has been teaching, including her time at Vancouver’s own Knit City
  • 36:25 Felicia asks about the knitting community in Portland
  • 39:40 Felicia’s final notes and podcast giveaway!

Links and Things

Here’s where to find Sivia online: