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Nov 21, 2017

This week Felicia is joined by knitwear designer, Emma Welford. Emma lives in Western Massachusetts and has been knitting since 2007 and designing since 2011. She is a fellow multi-craftual maker who also sews her own clothes, crochets, and spins on her Lendrum spinning wheel. Emma is no stranger to SweetGeorgia as she has designed two amazing patterns for us in the past: her Fall Break socks and the adorable Ribbonscardigan.

Please join us this week as Felicia and Emma discuss slowing down and enjoying the process of creation!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 2:39 Emma chats about her main passion before she started knitting seriously: sewing without patterns. Felicia also asks Emma how she got into knitting in 2007.
  • 5:11 Felicia and Emma talk about slow fashion, mindful making, and wearing your handmade knits more by examining if they truly fit into your everyday wardrobe. The ladies also ponder if one can truly have too many sweaters.
  • 9:12 Emma and Felicia discuss the “instantaneous pattern lust” on Ravelry and if it causes knitters to make before thinking
  • 11:05 Talking about minimalism and how Emma tries to slow down the process of creation to enjoy it more
  • 15:15 How Emma chooses her colour palettes and her suggestions to others on how to pick yarn colours for projects
  • 20:50 Frosting VS Cake: the struggle of choosing neutral yarn colours in a store
  • 23:12  Emma chats about her time working at Webs – America’s Yarn Store
  • 26:16 Emma gives suggestions on how to balance working a day job and designing knitwear
  • 30:00 Chatting about Emma’s latest project: a collaboration e-book of patterns called Join Hands (Proceeds from this project will be shared equally between the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center)
  • 31:10 Felicia and Emma discuss bullet journalling
  • 34:26 Where to find Emma online to keep up with all of her latest designs and projects
  • 34:05 Felicia’s final notes and podcast giveaway!

Links and Things

Here’s where to find Emma online: