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Nov 14, 2017

When you think of mastery in the fibre arts, a few names may spring into your mind. You might think of experts in the field who are working professionally, proficiently, and prolifically. In the field of weaving, you may think of Laura Fry.

Laura Fry is a full-time professional hand weaver who started weaving in 1975. In her 40+ years of her weaving career the focus of her weaving has evolved and, in addition to still being a production weaver, she is a dedicated teacher in the field and currently teaching the master weavers certificate program at Old’s College. Laura herself earned certification as one of Canada’s master weavers in 1997 and was the 27th weaver to achieve this honour. Laura has also created two series of videos with Interweave: The Efficient Weaver and Wet-Finishing for Weavers.

Please join us for this week’s discussion as Laura chats with Felicia about her journey to becoming a master of her craft.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 1:56 Laura discusses how she discovered weaving and decided to make it into her career
  • 4:44 Laura chats about how health issues in the last few years has gotten her back into spinning
  • 6:40 Felicia asks Laura about her training and education as a weaver
  • 9:45  Laura breaks down the Old’s College Master Weaver Program
  • 14:12 Laura gives advice to those who would want to learn weaving through self-study instead of a school program
  • 20:25 Discussing how Laura keeps herself fit and healthy enough to keep  up with the intense physical demands of production weaving. Laura also gives Felicia some tips on posture while weaving.
  • 24:15 Felicia asks Laura how she chooses colours for the pieces she will weave and sell
  • 32:30 Laura chats about efficiency in her weaving
  • 37:30 How Laura manages the busy schedule of being a business owner and a production weaver
  • 41:28 Chatting about Laura’s current work in progress: a book called The Intentional Weaver
  • 46:27 Is there anything Laura would have done differently looking back on her career in the fibre arts?
  • 53:16 Felicia’s final notes

Links and Things

Here’s where to find Laura online: