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Nov 7, 2017

This week Felicia is talking with knitwear designer Martina Behm. Martina, a mother of two who currently resides in Northern Germany, has been knitting since she was 12 but started getting serious about it in 2006.  Since that time she has developed many fun and well-loved knitting patterns including the Trillian shawl, theBrickless shawl, and the Hitchhiker shawl (which has been knit nearly 28,000 times on Ravelry alone!). In addition to designing knitting patterns, Martina has expanded her online store to include new items such as a paper planner for knitters.

Please join us for this week’s conversation about keeping your “knitting mojo”, massive yarn stashes, and utilizing organization tools to make more time for knitting!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 1:49 Martina tells Felicia how she first started knitting
  • 4:15 Felicia asks Martina to describe her style and aesthetics behind her knitting patterns
  • 7:04 Martina describes how she transitioned from knitting baby patterns for her children and being a freelance journalist to designing her own patterns
  • 11:17 Felicia and Martina chat about how Martina started a knitting blog in her own unique style
  • 12:40 Martina tells Felicia about her large yarn stash and how important impulsivity is to her creative process
  • 17:00 Martina and Felicia talk about how Martina prioritizes time for knitting while being a busy mother of two and a knitwear designer
  • 21:18 Chatting about Martina’s new Strickplaner knitting planner and how it can keep knitters organized
  • 28:50 How Martina gets her “knitting mojo” back when she loses inspiration
  • 30:50 Where to find Martina online and where you can order your own Strickplaner!
  • 32:10 Felicia’s final notes

Links and Things

Here’s where to find Martina online: