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Oct 17, 2017

Today Felicia is chatting with Patty Lyons: a nationally recognized knitting teacher and technique expert who is known for teaching the “why” not just the “how” in the pursuit of training the mindful knitter. She specializes in sweater design and sharing her love of the much maligned subjects of gauge and blocking. Patty teaches at knitting shows around North America including Vogue Knitting Live, Stitches, and more. She can also be found teaching online through Interweave, Annie’s, and Craftsy. Patty’s “Improve your Knitting” Craftsy class was named “the most popular Craftsy class” in 2013. These days, Patty is also sharing a lot of her knowledge and instruction through her knit alongs on Ravelry.

Please join us today as Felicia chats with Patty about her experiences teaching in the knitting industry!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • 1:47 Felicia and Patty chat about the first time they met
  • 5:50 Patty chats about how she got into the knitting industry from her previous career as a broadway stage manager
  • 10:50 Patty’s experiences in running a yarn store in New York and how it set her knitting teaching career into motion
  • 13:20 The ladies chat about “Patty’s Big Box of Knitting Fails”
  • 17:18 Discussing Patty’s obsession with the finishing stages of a project
  • 18:13 Patty chats about her most popular Craftsy class: Improve Your Knitting 
  • 23:20 Patty discusses knitting without flipping your work
  • 26:37 Felicia and Patty discuss the endless learning possibilities of knitting
  • 27:52 Patty talks about the various forms of classes she offers and the advantages and disadvantages of these different forms
  • 33:00 Chatting about Patty’s online knit alongs and how she brings something different to the table
  • 39:55 How to find motivation to finish knit alongs projects
  • 43:45 What knit alongs Patty has planned for the future
  • 45:10 Patty’s advice for knitters who want to become teachers
  • 48:52 Felicia’s final notes and podcast giveaway!

Links and Things

Here’s where to find Patty online: