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Apr 18, 2017

This is our first ever Q&A episode and Felicia answers YOUR questions! I received nearly 750 question suggestions and finally picked a few popular questions to answer... Questions about craft and creativity, getting creatively unstuck, starting and growing an indie yarn dyeing business, and how I feel about the future of fibre arts, to name just a few! I absolutely loved being able to answer your questions and I hope you enjoy this episode! 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 3:30 How do all your different craft practices inform and inspire the others? (link: Emma Welford’s Ribbons Cardigan)
  • 6:15 Can you offer three tips for getting unstuck? When you are stuck in a rut or a having a creative block. (link: Episode 44 with Shannon Cook on meditation for creativity)
  • 11:45 Did you study color theory? How do you go about creating colours ... How do you arrive at the choices? Where do you take your inspiration for colours? (link: and
  • 15:35 Do you EVER do muted colors ? (LOVE the brights — but I am just curious) (link:
  • 16:00 You are strongly focused on color. What about neutrals or monochromatic yarns? Could these have a place in your creative thinking?
  • 18:15 I would love to know more about your own business process: how did you get started and grow your business? How do you keep things fresh? what percentage of your work is delegated and how much do you take on? Do you (still) love what you do?… How did you take your interest and grow it into a business, and have that confidence that you'd be successful? Did you ever imagine the business would be what it has become?
  • 22:00 How hard it was to start your business? Did you ever think about giving up?
  • 24:30 Your work is clearly fulfilling. What is it about yarn, dyeing, customers, etc. that makes your work so satisfying?
  • 25:45 Do you think there is room for more indie yarn dyers? It seems that there are so many already but not sure if it will happen for me but one day maybe.
  • 27:20 Are you hopeful or fearful for the future of the craft? Has the new generation embraced the fibre arts well enough to ensure that it endures?
  • 28:30 What have you learned about yourself since you started doing the podcast? What do you cherish the most about these conversations?