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Mar 21, 2017

Today's guest is Kara Gott Warner, the host of the Power Purls Podcast and is the former executive editor of Creative Knitting Magazine. The Power Purls Podcast is a weekly podcast where Kara empowers newbie knitting entrepreneurs to start and grow a thriving passion-crafted business through engaging conversations with knitwear designers, industry rock stars and everyday knitters with compelling back stories. In fact, her latest episode is a conversation with our SweetGeorgia Knitwear Design Director, Tabetha Hedrick. Kara is on a new journey of creating a business in knitwear through her podcast and delivering video-based knitting education and workshops through her Patreon community.

(Just a note, halfway through our conversation Kara had to switch from her microphone to her phone, so the sound quality changes halfway through, in case you were curious!)