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Nov 15, 2016

Now, if you have been following my blog posts from late this past summer, you might have noticed that I have recently been bitten by the weaving bug again. My mind has been churning with so many ideas about things I want to put on the loom and weave. I just want to weave all the things. So when I was thinking of guests for the show, I knew I wanted to connect with Denise Renee Grace. If you are a knitter who is thinking about dipping your toe into the world of weaving, Denise has some great suggestions on how to get started. And if you are already a weaver and considering doing some more production-type weaving, Denise also has time-saving techniques that she will share with us. If you are at all interested in weaving and weaving with knitting yarn, I encourage you to join us for this conversation today.

If you have ever needed to call or email the Schacht Spindle Company about your spinning wheel or weaving loom, Denise is the friendly voice you hear at the other end of the line. She has been working with Schacht for 7 years as product specialist (mechanical maven). But when she’s not helping people with their spinning and weaving equipment, she has been on a path to becoming a production weaver under the name Filament Fiber Art.